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Playmysong - Mobile Social Jukebox App Our app works as your personal remote control for music in Playmysong powered parties, bars, coffee shops and events. Just open the app, pick the jukebox you are listening to and start requesting songs - for free. You can also host your own social jukebox in your own party with our Spotify app, iPad app or Winamp app: 1. Playmysong Spotify App (Mac/PC) Playmysong has an app inside Mac/PC Spotify that allows you to turn your favorite playlists into a social jukebox in seconds. Simply install the Playmysong Spotify App from the Spotify App Finder and select the playlist you want to use for your jukebox. You and your friends can then use your mobile phones to start requesting songs with your phones. This is great for parties and get togethers, especially when you hook your Spotify computer with some speakers and your guests can create the soundtrack of the night together. 2. Playmysong Venue Jukebox App (iPad) Playmysong Venue Jukebox turns your iPad music collection into a social jukebox you and people around your jukebox can use with your smartphones with the Playmysong controller app. 3. Playmysong Winamp App (Windows PC) Our Winamp app turns your Windows PC playlists into a social jukebox that you and your friends can control with the Playmysong mobile app. Our Winamp app is perfect for parties where a Windows PC is being used to play local music files. Follow us on Twitter at Like us on Facebook at

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